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About us

We are a plastic engineering specialist 
based in Frome, Somerset, UK.

PROTOMAnick_stillwell.jpgX are world leaders in the technology and production of recycled boards. We are proud to be the only company to have developed and patented our own range of machinery and processes to upcycle mixed plastic waste, the P2.

Our key strength is clever engineering, which is visible in everything  we do from P2 to theme park rides. We offer a full in house design and engineering service for our clients, and as a small company we are able to innovate and construct ahead of the trend.

We have been in the business of high tech plastics processing machinery for over 10 years. Starting out with our TRADING EDGE range, automated turn key extrusion lines for engineering plastics, (PA/POM/PET). We moved on to develop techniques for prototyping large plastic parts and roto-moulding tooling. Our range of products are available under the AMOEBA brand.